Wave option

The "Wave" option in action.

Wave is a boost modifier in which the arrows move up and down in an oscillating motion until they reach the receptors, in wave-like motions. If the Wave option is turned on, then all speed options are dispelled.

The Wave option was introduced in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME, as an unselectable option in many Challenge courses, then in DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, as a fully selectable option.

First AppearancesEdit

  • DDR Extreme AC
    • Trick Oni Course (Song 3 AM-3P East Mix)
  • DDR Extreme US CS
    • Trick Oni Course (Song 3 Make it Better)
    • The WAY of the Legend Oni Course (Song 1 Paranoia Max)
    • Missions 62 & 92 in Mission Mode

Tohoku EVOLVEDEdit

DDRX3 Tohoku EVOLVEDを出せないオプション検証04:58

DDRX3 Tohoku EVOLVEDを出せないオプション検証

If you AAd any EVOLVED song on Extra Stage with the Wave option on, Tohoku EVOLVED would not be accessed as the Encore Extra Stage.

In DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX, AAing any EVOLVED song on Extra Stage with the Wave option on, which would have normally set Tohoku EVOLVED as the Encore Extra Stage, just ended the credit at the Extra Stage rather than continue on to the Encore Extra Stage, thus denying the player access to Tohoku EVOLVED as the Encore Extra Stage. This is most likely a reference of the March 2011 tsunami that struck the northern region of Japan.

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