TRIP MACHINE~luv mix~ (X2)

Album art.

Song InformationEdit

Artist: 2MB

BPM: 160


Arrangement: U1-2MB[k] PROJECT

First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX CS

Other Appearances:

  • Dancing Stage EuroMIX (Internet Ranking)
  • Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX PLUS
  • Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX CS
  • Dance Dance Revolution Solo 2000
  • Dance Dance Revolution USA
  • Dance Dance Revolution KONAMIX
  • Dancing Stage PARTY EDiTiON
  • Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME JP CS
  • Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX
  • Dancing Stage Unleashed
  • Dancing Fusion CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution X JP CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution S+ TRIP MACHINE Pack
  • DanceDanceRevolution (2010) DDR KONAMIX Greatest Hits Pack
  • DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition

Length: 1:44


Some soundbites, including:

Mommy, would you sing jingle bells for me ...?

Remixes/Song ConnectionsEdit


  • TRIP MACHINE~luv mix~'s background and jacket do not display the song title, but instead the line that is heard in the beginning of the song, "Mammy, would you sing 'TRIP MACHINE' ...?"
  • TRIP MACHINE~luv mix~ marks the first and only time U1-ASAMi remixes a song in the TRIP MACHINE series.
  • Despite its arcade debut being in DDR Solo 2000, TRIP MACHINE~luv mix~ is listed in the DDR 3rdMIX folder starting from DDR X onwards.

Official Song CommentEdit


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