Song InformationEdit


Album art.

Artist: PON

Composition/Arrangement/Lyrics/Vocals: PON

Genre: SCARLET (スカーレット)

BPM: 175

Length: 1:53

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX / GuitarFreaksXG3 & DrumManiaXG3 / pop'n music Sunny Park /  REFLEC BEAT colette -Winter-

Other Appearances:

  • jubeat saucer
  • jubeat plus つぎドカ! Pack
  • REFLEC BEAT plus つぎドカ! Pack



Purificate fate!

Iluminating crimson shadows
Floating in the darkness of chaos

Carved flames of the crest meet endless screams
You can hear it too, can't you?
Ah, ah, release your spirit!

Come on, scorching hot spirit! Show your crimson figure!
Burn! Take on the hot wind, and heat up your heart!

Come on out, scorching hot spirit! Spread out your flaming wings!
Even on the broad skies, light everything up, purificate fate!


Turn into ashes, purificate fate!


unmei jouka!

terasa reru akaki kage
sore wa konton no yami ni ukabu

kizamareta homura no monshou ni
tsudou towa no sakebi ga
omae ni mo kikoeteru no darou?
aa, aa, tamashii wo tokihanate!!

dedeyo, shakunetsu no seirei yo
kurenai no sono sugata misero
kogase neppu wo obita kokoro moyashi tsukuse

detekoi, shakunetsu no seirei yo
tsubasa hinoko makichirashite yuku
hiroki ano sora sae mo
subete yaki tsukushite, unmei jouka!

haito kashite, unmei jouka!





焦がせ!熱風を帯びた ココロ燃やし尽くせ

広きあの空さえも全て焼き尽くして 運命浄化!

灰と化して 運命浄化!

Song Connections / RemixesEdit

  • 紅焔 is part of the Tsugidoka! (つぎドカ!) event, along with Cosmic Hurricane, snow prism and 恋閃繚乱. 紅焔 represents the pop'n music Sunny Park side of the つぎドカ! event.
  • The PON BGM in REFLEC BEAT colette -Winter- is based off of 紅焔.


  • 紅焔 marks Daichi Watanabe's first appearance in the DanceDanceRevolution series. PON is one of the current sound directors for the pop'n music series, along with Jun Wakita.
  • 紅焔 literally is Crimson Flame. The title is a pun on 公園, also romanized as kouen, which is "park" in Japanese.
    • In the international digital download version of the jubeat saucer ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK -Kaori & Kotaro- album, 紅焔 is romanized as Kouen.
    • In the international iTunes release of the GITADORA Original Soundtrack 1st season album, 紅焔 is romanized as Koen.
  • Both 紅焔 and Cosmic Hurricane appeared on the first location tests of pop'n music Sunny Park and REFLEC BEAT colette. However, both songs didn't appear when those games were released. Instead, 紅焔 and Cosmic Hurricane appeared on December 19, 2012, as part of the Tsugidoka! (つぎドカ!) event.
  • 紅焔's Challenge charts were added on December 26, 2012.
    • These Challenge charts have the most notes of all Level 15 Challenge charts, at 604 (Single) and 597 (Double) notes.
  • 紅焔 was played during the KONAMI Arcade Championship 2012 Grand Finale mini-live event on December 27, 2012.
  • 紅焔 was the winner of the Tsugidoka! (つぎドカ!) event. As such, it was added to jubeat saucer on January 9, 2013.
  • RETSU, 紅焔's pop'n music rival character, appears on the album art.
  • 紅焔 is the only つぎドカ! song that didn't get a rerating on any charts in DanceDanceRevolution (2013).

Song Production InformationEdit


Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Single Doubles
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 109 / 2 202 / 9 307 / 24 420 / 19 604 / 31 193 / 10 289 / 22 395 / 20 597 / 28
DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX→Present 3 6 9 12 15 6 9 12 15

Groove Radar ValuesEdit

Groove Radar Values
Difficulty STR VOL (X3) VOL (2013) AIR FRE CHA
Beginner ? 14.5 14.5 ? ? 0
Single Basic ? 29.2 29.2 ? ? 0
Single Difficult ? 51 51 ? ? ?
Single Expert 74.7 58.3 58.3 ? ? ?
Single Challenge 113.7 101.3 ↓101 74.5 30.3 102.7
Double Basic ? 29.2 29.2 ? ? 0
Double Difficult ? 43.7 43.7 ? ? ?
Double Expert 70 58.3 58.3 ? ? ?
Double Challenge 115.4 101.3 ↓101 ? ? ?
DDR X3 紅焔 - SINGLE01:58


紅焔's Single charts

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