DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA-DanceDance Revolution SuperNOVA2Edit

Ruby debuts in DDR SuperNOVA and her appearance has a medium length peach blonde hair which is tied in multiple braids and has a high ponytail and she is tanned skin. She also has a silver pierced earring on her belly button.

Ruby DDR SuperNOVA oufit

Ruby as she appears in DDR SuperNOVA

In DDR SuperNOVA and SuperNOVA2, she wears a red sleeveless shirt under a pale yellow sleeveless undershirt, green, yellow and orange fluffy skirt and white sandals. She has a golden chain on her waist and flower bracelet on her right wrist and red and blue wristband on her left.

As RUBY 2, she now wears a white chain bikini top-shirt combo, denim short shorts with a white bikini underneath it and brown sandals. She also has a white rope tied to her waist

DanceDanceRevolution XEdit

Ruby maintains her hairstyle in her SuperNOVA appearance.

She now wears a white formal vest under a black sleeveless undershirt, black pants and black sandals. :)

DanceDanceRevolution X2-DanceDanceRevolution (2014 edition) Edit

In DDR X2 through DDR2014, Ruby's hair is now loose and her hair is medium length.

She is now seen wearing a light blue bikini top with sky designs on her top, a matching light blue mini skirt with a red and white side belt at the left side of her waist and white warrior sandals. She also has multiple rings on her fingers.

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