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December 24


1 year, 2 months


3'7" (109cm)


51lbs (23kg)

Blood Type




Favorite Things

Her master


The Dark One


Spying on people


Rinon (リノン rinon?) is a character that was introduced in DanceDanceRevolution X2.

Games in order of appearance:

Character and PersonalityEdit

Rinon is a mysterious, secretive, and silent being that spys on enemies for her Master, as her quote says, "Master, I await your orders." She has a disliking for the Dark One, whom nothing is known about, although it is believed by some that the Dark One is actually Dark Rinon.

On the DanceDanceRevolution X2 special site, Rinon interviews the characters about the game itself, in a special section titled "Rinon's Why/What Corner (RINONのなぜなにコーナー "RINON no naze nani kōnā"). She asks questions about the gameplay (Zero), accessories (Baby-Lon, Rage, Afro, Emi), and songs or events (TAG, dj TAKA). In the fourth interview, Emi, Alice, and Yuni decide to ask her the questions. She remains secretive about her mission and origin, but provides an extensive list of the types of food she likes. This is also where the results of the character popularity contest were announced. While she maintains a serious demeanor here, Rinon demonstrates the curiosity (and sometimes the attention span) of a child.


In DanceDanceRevolution X2, there are seven different clones of Rinon (sometimes called Replicants, as they originate from Replicant D-action). These clones, with their color corresponding to the song they are fought in, are fought as boss characters in Replicant D-action. The clones' boss, Dark Rinon (黒いリノン kuroi rinon), appears in the background video for Valkyrie dimension, the Encore Extra Stage for Replicant D-action, and is also fought as a boss character while playing said song as an Encore Extra Stage.

Clone ColorsEdit

Song Color
Sakura Sunrise Green
Shiny World Yellow
Pierce The Sky Cyan
New Decade Orange
Anti-Matter Blue
POSSESSION Purple/Violet


  • Although not featured as a playable character in DDR II and was removed as a playable character in DDR 2013, all of Rinon's recolored clones (including Dark Rinon herself) appear in the background videos for Valkyrie dimension, and the Shiny World Rinon appears in said song's video.
  • Rinon also appears in the Mekuru meku Dance★Party (メクルめくダンス★パーティ) puzzle image that unlocks Dummy, along with Victory Concent and Gus.
  • She later appears along with Dark Rinon in Replicant D-Ignition in the updated version of DDR2014 where she and Dark Rinon merge into one with the use of six orbs.


  • Rinon in DDR X2.
  • Rinon's Naked face accessory in DDR X2.
  • Rinon with Victory Concent and Gus as they appear in the Dummy puzzle image.
  • Pattern A cut-in.
  • Pattern B cut-in.
  • Pattern C cut-in.
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