Rhythm is a female Austrailian native with long platinum blonde hair with two thick fringes in each side and aqua blue eyes.

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME-Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE! Edit

Her primary appearance through DDR EXTREME up to EXTREME 2/STRIKE! is a different shades of pink jersey jacket with a red and black lining collar on her jersey jacket with a brand sign at the left side of her jacket, blue denim pleated skirt with black linings and a white belt to her waist and gray and black knee-high boots with orange laces.

Her primary appearance in the Japanese version of DDR STRIKE!, she wears a red long sleeve sweater with a white long sleeve button shirt, skirt and boots. her white collar is extended as opposed to Jenny's 4thMIX outfit


Her second outfit is a different shades of blue sleeveless dress with white long gloves with cyan linings and brown thigh high boots with white linings. Her platinum blonde hair is tied in two ponytails with a matching cyan hairclips.

Her third outfit is a red high-neck sleeveless shirt, light gray short shorts and white and red v-neck knee-high boots. She also wears a red headband on her head and her hair is loose like in her primary appearance and wears four bracelet in different colors in her left wrist.

Her fourth and last outfit is a black and blue traditional Japanese festival jacket with a white tube top underneath, red cycling shorts and red flip flops. She also had her long platinum blonde hair tied in a slick back ponytail.

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