Reverse option

"Reverse" option in gameplay.

Reverse is a gameplay option first introduced in DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX-. As the name implies, with Reverse activated, the arrows now scroll down instead of up, with the receptors being located at the bottom, in a similar fashion to the beatmaniaIIDX series.

Arcade ReleasesEdit


Reverse is available as an option in gameplay. It is also one of the fixed EXTRA STAGE options, along with x1.5, as well as one of several fixed One More Extra Stage options (until Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME).

DDR SuperNOVA2→PresentEdit

Reverse is again available as an option in gameplay. However, it is no longer a fixed EXTRA STAGE option, although it can still be chosen during EXTRA STAGE / ENCORE EXTRA STAGE this time.

CS ReleasesEdit

To be updated.

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