Song InformationEdit


Album art.

Artist: Tatsh&NAOKI

BPM: 165

Composition/Arrangement: Tatsuya Shimizu

Lyrics/Vocals: Kraig E.

Guitar: Naoki Maeda


First BEMANI Appearance: beatmaniaIIDX 11 IIDX RED

First DDR Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA

Other Appearances:

Length: 1:30


Incredible beats
Welcome back
Speed rave

Put It Up!
Go! Go! Go! Go! (Yeah! Yeah!)

Put It Up!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Let's go!

Use your flow
All we need
The energy
And I got the key
It keeps me

Make a heart
Sailin' too far
To the unit
We're gonna do it
Takin' it far
(Go! Go! Go! Go!)
The crowd
Yo! Keepin' it raw!

I feel
Big deal
Go MC's
Keep it real
Best friend
Too stressed to pull it
Under arrest
State killa
Run a audience
Don't, run
Run with the ghetto
It's not funny
Stay healthy
Young kids is coming
Measure up
Stay, together

That's me
Get a feel
Feel how MCs heat the room
Better be real
Seek the devil, whatever
Under arrest
Stay together
Under arrest [****]
Rollin' with the money
Runnin' with the ghetto
It's not funny
Stay colored
Step foot when I comin'
Break up
Take it!

(Yeah.. Uh! C'mon!)
Say Speed Rave!
Speed Rave!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)

Say Speed Rave!
Speed Rave!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
Bring it back!
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)
(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)

(Go go go go go go! Let's go!)

Song Connections/RemixesEdit

  • This version of RED ZONE that appears in the DanceDanceRevolution series has been shortened from its original beatmaniaIIDX version.
  • A long version of RED ZONE can be found on Tatsh's album MATERIAL.
  • Rhythms from RED ZONE can be heard in SYNC-ANTHEM, also by Tatsh.


  • RED ZONE marks the first collaboration between NAOKI and Tatsh in BEMANI.
  • RED ZONE was added to jubeat saucer on May 1, 2013.

Song Production InformationEdit

Naoki MaedaEdit

The genre of SPEED RAVE has been almost forgotten, with a faint heartbeat, until the next generation of composers shocked and revived it....
SPEED RAVE itself hasn't been used much, but Tatsh was talented enough to make a song based off this genre, and I finished the song based on my memories of previous songs.
Named RED ZONE, it feels like an authentic speed rave song, conjuring the feeling of high tension and the thrill of racing a car.
After listening to this song, you may feel that you want to race on the highway!
But remember, speeding is bad. (Laughs)


Yes, I've been caught speeding before.

I love the speed rave genre.
Here, we both collaborated together to produce a song based off this.

To research, I went to different arcades, listening to old speed rave songs.
My experiences there with the speed rave genre made me feel that the music was more based on speed with aspects of rave mixed in.
And so I made the track based off that.

I want you to make an awesome groove, by all means!
I've heard this line somewhere before.

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 129/0 188/6 244/6 357/6 - 188/6 244/6 335/6 -
DDR SuperNOVA→SuperNOVA2 ☆1 ☆4 ☆6 ☆8 - ☆4 ☆6 ☆8 -
DDR X→Present 4 6 8 12 - 6 8 11 -
DDR S+ 4 6 8 12 - - - - -
DDR (2010) ↑☆3 ☆4 ☆6 ↑☆9 - - - - -

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