Song InformationEdit

Love Again (X2 AC)

Album art.


Banner in DDR X2(CS)

Artist: NM feat. Mr. E.

BPM: 57-70

Composition: NAOKI MAEDA

Arrangement: Cyril

Lyrics: Walter B.

Vocals: Mr. E.

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2

Other Appearances:

Length: 1:54


In time
Your broken heart will mend
You'll come around again
And learn to love
Someone new

A chance to start your life again
A chance for you to win
With someone who's
Been needing you

All this time
All the love
You can give
All your life
Waiting for the time to live
The time to let go

It's time to put the past behind you now
With the wings of love take to the clouds
Open up your heart
Let your feelings
Make another start

There is always hope for you
As you search the world for someone true
Give it one more try
There's another who's been
Searching for you

I really want to love
To find the love
And share it with you
With you

Song Connections/RemixesEdit



  • Love Again is the last new song that is unlocked by reaching a certain Enjoy Level on DanceDanceRevolution X2 (in this case, Enjoy Level 28).

Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 56/0 84/11 143/28 196/34 - 93/18 154/26 199/31 -
DDR X2→Present 2 4 6 8 - 3 6 8 -
DDR X2 CS 2 4 6 8 - 3 6 8 -
DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3/MUSIC FIT ☆1 ☆2 ☆4 ☆6 - - - - -

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