This is a listing of all the charts in the DanceDanceRevolution series that are currently rated Level 19 (on the 1-20 scale) as of DanceDanceRevolution (2013). Although the difficulty scale goes up to 20, no song has ever actually been above 19, so these are the hardest charts in the series.

Song Title Difficulty Play Style Folder Notes / Freeze Arrows
(Shock Arrows)
Valkyrie dimension Challenge Single X2 712 / 44
Valkyrie dimension Challenge Doubles X2 634 / 45
POSSESSION Challenge Doubles X2 640 / 10
PARANOiA Revolution Challenge Single X3 VS 2ndMIX 753 / 18
PARANOiA Revolution Challenge Doubles X3 VS 2ndMIX 735 / 14
EGOISM 440 Challenge Single DDR 2013 811 / 6
EGOISM 440 Challenge Doubles DDR 2013 804 / 1
Over the "Period" Challenge Singles DDR 2014 781 / 28
Over the "Period" Challenge Doubles DDR 2014 N/A

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