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Song InformationEdit

Album art.
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DDR X2 CS banner.
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Artist: jun

Composition/Arrangement: jun

Lyrics: Brenda Burch

Vocals: Anna Kaelin

Genre: PRINCESS CORE (姫コア)

Video Type: Stage (X2→Present), None (X2 CS, HOTTEST PARTY 3)

BPM: 95-190 (DDR and pop'n NORMAL/HYPER), 11-190 (pop'n EX), 190 (REFLEC BEAT)

Length: 1:45

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2

Other Appearances:


I've been invited to a summer festival
Music surrounds me on this special night
I find myself getting lost in the moment
Graciously dancing and you're in my sight
You're stepping along can't get my eyes off of you 
Then I see you're looking back at me
Could this be what I think it is?
Can feel my heart beat like a new butterfly

I know you've got to be the one
I could tell when our eyes met each other
I can't help my knees are feeling weak

※ As I feel myself falling fast
  You've got the cutest little smile
  We can tell there's attraction going on now
  Stars are all aligning
  One-by-one for our love
  You are my Prince Charming 
  And you make me feel like I am a KIMONO♥PRINCESS 

I'm not dreaming
I know you've got to be the one
I could tell when our eyes met each other
I can't help my knees are feeling weak

※ repeat

Song Connections / RemixesEdit

  • A long version of KIMONO♥PRINCESS, named KIMONO♥PRINCESS (TGS2010 Ver.), can be found in the DanceEvolution V-Rare OST.
  • A portion of KIMONO♥PRINCESS is featured on the HOTTEST PARTY 3 megamix.


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  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS is the regular EXTRA STAGE song for DanceDanceRevolution X2. AA'ing it on Expert will allow the player to play a randomly selected version of roppongi EVOLVED for ENCORE EXTRA STAGE.
    • KIMONO♥PRINCESS appeared on the location test version of DanceDanceRevolution X2, as a Final Stage song, along with POSSESSION, which is now part of Replicant D-action.
    • KIMONO♥PRINCESS is one of the hidden boss songs in DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3. KIMONO♥PRINCESS's dance stage is always Twilight Gravity.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS is the first boss song by jun (not counting PARANOiA ~HADES~) to appear outside of DanceDanceRevolution, appearing in DanceMasters/DanceEvolution, REFLEC BEAT limelight, and pop'n music 20 fantasia.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS marks the first boss song featuring Anna Kaelin in DDR.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS crossovering into pop'n music 20 fantasia and REFLEC BEAT limelight marks the first appearance of Anna Kaelin in the pop'n music and REFLEC BEAT series.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's BPM changes are as follows:
    • 190→95→2 stops→95→stop→95→stop→190.
    • The pop'n music EX chart has a couple of 11 BPM changes, to simulate the stops in the DDR version. As such, the BPM is 11-190.
    • In the REFLEC BEAT series, KIMONO♥PRINCESS's BPM is displayed as simply 190.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's songwheel genre in pop'n music, PRINCESS CORE (姫コア), reads as HIME CORE.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's album art is based off of the background still for exotic ethnic (OR-IF-IS Mix).
  • On the arcade DDR games, KIMONO♥PRINCESS has a background video. Rather than being shown in fullscreen, it is shown on a stage.
  • The album art for KIMONO♥PRINCESS is slightly different in DDR Hottest Party 3 and MUSIC FIT. In this case, the princess's dress is hidden through the giant paper fans.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS is one of the only songs on DDR Hottest Party 3 and MUSIC FIT that have 6-panel charts, accessible by turning on step gimmicks.
  • Almost all of KIMONO♥PRINCESS's charts were rerated in DDR X3 VS 2ndMix. The only exceptions are its Beginner and Single Expert chart.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's album art in DanceEvolution ARCADE and the REFLEC BEAT series is different.
  • KIMONO♥PRINCESS's background video was removed from DDR (2013) due to technical issues. However, it was later readded in an update.


Background VideoEdit


Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 136/14 234/27 366/28 510/35 - 220/27 328/16 473/17 -
DDR X2 CS 5 7 10 15 - 7 10 15 -
DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3/MUSIC FIT ☆3 ☆6 ☆8 ☆10 - - - - -
DDR X2 5 7 ↑11 15 - 7 ↑11 15 -
DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX (Location Test) 5 7 ↑12 15 - 7 ↑13 ↑16 -
DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX→Present 5 ↑8 12 15 - ↑8 13 16 -
KIMONO PRINCESS SP-Difficult(02:12)
KIMONO♥PRINCESS DSP (2 player view)
BeachSideRAGEAdded by BeachSideRAGE
DDRX2 - kimono princess(02:27)
KIMONO♥PRINCESS DSP (1 player view)
BeachSideRAGEAdded by BeachSideRAGE
Kimono Princess (Double) ~DDR X2~(02:15)
BeachSideRAGEAdded by BeachSideRAGE
DDR X3 AC KIMONO♥️PRINCESS Expert 800,280(01:59)
KIMONO♥️PRINCESS's Expert chart.
Barrendon2013Added by Barrendon2013
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