Healing Vision ~Angelic mix~

Album art in DDR X2.

Song InformationEdit

Artist: 2MB

BPM: 46-196(49-196)

Arrangement: Yuichi Asami

First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX CS

First AC Appearance: DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX-

Length: 1:40



Remixes/Song ConnectionsEdit

  • This is a remix of Healing Vision by DE-SIRE, originally from Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX.


  • Healing Vision ~Angelic mix~'s displayed BPM is 46-196. However, it is actually 49-196, just like the original Healing Vision.
  • On the DDRX scale, this is the only Konami Original song before DDRMAX that reached level 14 (Doubles Expert).

Official Song CommentEdit


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