Dark Rinon

Dark Rinon in DDR X2.


Dark Rinon (黒いリノン kuroi rinon?) is an unplayable boss character who appears only in the arcade version of DanceDanceRevolution X2. She is the enemy and target of Rinon. To fight against her, simply get all 6 medals in Replicant D-action and play Valkyrie dimension as the ENCORE EXTRA STAGE song. She later appears along with Rinon in DanceDanceRevolution (2014 arcade game) in the sequel of Replicant D-action known as Replicant D-Ignition. Dark Rinon is revealed to be Rinon after she transforms as her by merging the six orbs within her body before fighting the player in ENCORE EXTRA STAGE.

In DanceDanceRevolution A, Dark Rinon is no longer makes an appearance.

Games in order of appearance:

※ only in a background video for that game



  • Dark Rinon also appears in the background video for Valkyrie dimension, along with all six recolored Rinons.
  • During the 2012 Konami E3 Battle, Devil-Zukin was erroneously mentioned as being the last boss of DDR X2, rather than Dark Rinon.
  • Before fighting against her in Encore Extra Stage in Replicant D-Ignition in DDR2014, Dark Rinon is revealed to be Rinon after she merges the six orbs inside of her body and her white armor suit and helmet and boots became black and neon pink.
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