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Song InformationEdit

Back In Your Arms

Album art.

Artist: jun feat. DJ Silver vs Milo ft. Becca Hossany

Composition: Junko Karashima

Arrangement: DJ Silver, Milo

Vocals: Becca Hossany

BPM: 132

Length: 1:44

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution (2013)


None yet.

Song Connections / RemixesEdit



  • Back In Your Arms marks the first collaboration between three artists in the DanceDanceRevolution series.
    • Back In Your Arms also marks the first time Junko Karashima collaborates with a commissioned artist.
    • Back In Your Arms marks Junko Karashima's last BEMANI song to date.
  • Back In Your Arms also marks Becca Hossany's first song to debut in an arcade version instead of a home version game.
  • Back In Your Arms's comment was not written by either Junko Karashima, DJ Silver, or Milo. Instead, it was written by Yasuhiro Taguchi, who also wrote the comment for Naoki Maeda's You.
    • The fact that Yasuhiro Taguchi wrote the comment for Back In Your Arms confirms Junko Karashima's supposed departure from Konami.

Song Production InformationEdit


Difficulty & NotecountsEdit

Game Single Doubles
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 73 / 0 151 / 10 236 / 8 302 / 10 - / - / - 144 / 9 236 / 8 300 / 10 - / - / -
DDR (2013)→Present 2 5 8 10 5 8 10
DanceDanceRevolution Back In Your Arms - SINGLE01:48

DanceDanceRevolution Back In Your Arms - SINGLE

Back In Your Arms's Single charts

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