Alice appears to have a long back-length dark blue hair with full trimmed bangs and blue eyes.

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX-Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE! Edit

In Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX up to EXTREME 2/STRIKE!, she wears a orange and green short sleeve midriff with the green sign of "020" designs in the center of her midriff, dark blue elephant jeans with a white belt and red and white suspenders on her waist and brown leather shoes. She also wears different wristbands on both of her wrists as she wears a red and cyan wristband on her right wrist and blue on the left. Her alternate appearance in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE! was her 5thMIX outfit as the color of her midriff changes from red and pink and the design of her midriff changes to a red and white round shape, her jeans changes to yellow while her suspenders are now cyan and white and her shoes are now orange instead of brown and her wristbands on her right is now orange instead of red.

Charaback alice

Alice as she appears in DDR 5thMIX

During the background videos between DDRMAX and Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME, Alice wears different outfits as she wears an orange sleeveless qipao top, white pants and sneakers, In Sakura she wears a red traditional style kimono and in Ever Snow, she was seen wearing a brown winter coat with a matching purple scarf.

DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 Edit

In DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2, Alice wears her updated outfit from her 5thMIX appearance but have minor changes. Her design similar to her alternate appearance in EXTREME 2/STRIKE! which is now a bull shape with yellow and black in appearance and her pants are now western style overhauled brown jeans. She now wears cyan flats as opposed to her leather shoes. She also accessorizes it with a feathered necklace and a red and white indian headdress as an addition.

As ALICE 2 in SuperNOVA2, she wears a blue overhauled jumper shorts under a pale yellow short sleeve shirt with a black ribbon at the back of her shorts, black stockings and orange flats. Her hair is been tied in a low ponytail in the front side of her right shoulder.

DanceDanceRevolution X Edit

In DDR X, Alice now wears a red thermal vest under a pale yellow sleeveless shirt with white warmers on both of her arms, light blue and white polkadotted fluffy skirt, gray stockings with three black lines in the edge of her stocking and leather shoes. Her hair is now loose similar to her 5thMIX appearance and wears a white ribbon headband.

DanceDanceRevolution X2-DanceDanceRevolution (2014 edition) Edit

In DDR X2 through DDR2014, she wears a tiered different shades of pink short sleeve idol dress, white stockings and pink shoes. She also wears a feathered crown at the right side of her head.

In DDR Dance Wars, her feather crown is replaced with a ribbon.

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